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Relief Package for Covid 19

After the spread of the Australian bushfires in late 2019/early 2020, and with the current Corona Virus pandemic, we feel that now is the time for us to reach out to the nation to offer our services. We are currently creating programs which will offer beneficial techniques and information to help the mind and body to be healthy, to be able to more comfortably adapt to the current changes and altered modalities of living, and to promote a virus and stress free environment. We are also working on ways that we may be able to help those people who are currently stuck in Australia, especially international students, with no form of financial or psychological assistance or reassurance. We are open to connect and collaborate with all those individuals and groups that share this vision and dream, and who are actively working towards, or are looking for ways to create a more harmonious way of life both inside and out.

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Contribute in our campaign and share your love and support to the students in need. Infinite love along with Yoga/ Music therapy Pass to thank you from our heart.


Be a part of this great campaign by donating. Your full amount goes for fulfilling the basic requirements of the needy students. Any amount you can donate is hearty welcomed and we also offer some perks like free Yoga and music therapy classes.

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Please note that at this stage, we are helping one of the most vulnerable group: International Students, who are struggling for basic needs.