About Us

For many years, all of us at Divine Breath Foundation have had a longing in our hearts to help and be of assistance to mankind and earth. Now the opportunity has allowed for the beautiful cohesion and connection between us, each contributing towards a collective project that is bigger than our individual selves. Our wish is that this project may act as a platform for the offering of services to the local communities and greater global community of earth, and to connect with all those who share the same dream and intention.

This project bears roots to the land of Nepal, in the year 2000. At this time, Premangee, a humanitarian and conservationist, planted a seed with the intention of helping all life on earth, and connecting with those who are also seeking to help. This seed, watered with love and compassion flowered into a series of projects which are currently operating, such as a school which supports children who were affected by the earthquakes of 2015, a women’s program to learn about motherhood and the feminine qualities, hospice programs for those approaching the end of their lives, and more.

In 2019, Premangee came to Australia to visit his family for his niece’s second birthday. At that time, many of the current members of DBF were spending time with each other in Sydney, working on several projects and deepening their connection. We were fortunate to meet Premangee while he was here, and to receive his guidance and teachings on how to create and operate a project which would benefit the health and well-being of many people. His message was simple, yet powerful, and there was no denying that we felt inspired to do something to help nature and humanity. The members of DBF and our mentor, Premangee, made a trip to the famous site of Uluru, where we gratefully met with local aboriginals and witnessed the beauty of one of Australia’s most renowned natural landmarks. While we were there, Premangee explained to us that love is the most powerful force on the earth, even more powerful than all the atomic weapons put together. And it is with this powerful force of love that we wish to spread a ripple of positive effects in all directions.

Through our passion to help in the best way that we can, and through the teachings and inspiration of our mentor, Premangee, the concept to create a foundation for a better humanity and a more sustainable world was birthed. It is by the seed planted years ago in Nepal that grew, flowered, and fruited, that a new seed was planted here in Australia. This new seed would become registered in 2020 and known as Divine Breath Foundation. We express our deepest gratitude to Premangee, all our members here at DBF, and to all those actively working towards the sustainability and well-being of life on earth. We will continue to water this seed with love and compassion for all beings, with a wish to do everything we can to help create a harmonious environment in the world.